People invest for different reasons, such as to fund their retirement or another future event. Whatever the reason, the objective is usually to maximise the potential returns on their money.

At Totara, our job is to find out what you want from your capital, whether you want the emphasis on income or capital growth, or indeed a combination of the two. We research what is available and advise on what we regard is most suitable for you.

We recognise the individuality of our clients and that each has different financial needs and objectives based on where they are in their life. When advising on any investment we ensure our clients understand the risks involved and are willing to accept those risks.

Risk is also related to how long the investment is made for. With stock market based investments you should consider a longer term view and be willing to invest for the medium to longer term (at least 5 years) to minimise the potential adverse effects of short term market volatility.

The impact of Income Tax and Capital Gains Tax on investments is a very important part of our investment advice, and we are fully conversant with how different tax rules affect different types of investment. Our aim is to construct a portfolio in the most tax efficient manner.

As we’re completely independent, we’re free to look at investment options right across the market, and can provide informed and impartial advice on a huge range of financial products from ISAs to bank and building society accounts, unit trusts and bonds to national savings and more.

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